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GRRR! (1)

Oh, argh, I'm still poorly sick, but I'm gonna attempt to harness a few recollections, before they fade. There was just SO MUCH to try and cram into a disorientated old brain...
The Gallery of Contemporary Art, in the pleasant pedestrianised centre of Pancevo is a delightful venue, cosy and bright, excellent for dispaying graphics. The staff is laid back, but helpful, and I can't think of a bad thing to say about it, really. When I walked in, I was just gobsmacked.Definitely one up on CAPTION's gloomy corridors! Of course, it is a proper gallery-I took loads of pictures, but I was only using throw-away cameras, and my scanner and printer don't work any more,anyway (sigh-)
The artwork on show was high quality all around, including the wee selection I brought from the UK small press artists. Ms Dame Darcy had a few drawings and dolls on show, the Serbs were well represented with Wostock, Zograf, and others I recognised, some I didn't; all topnotch.
I was particularly blown away by the work of Italian Davide Toffolo, of which I was previously ignorant. Like so many young cartonists, Toffolo is part of a band, (Tre Allegri Ragazzi Morti), and has also produced some clever videos, sometimes a bit reminiscent of GORILLAZ, for them.
His recent graphic novels dealing with Pasolini and the colossal boxer/actor Primo Carnera are absolutely gorgeous and should be made available in English translation like, NOW.
TONTO comics from Austria had lots of beautiful products with exquisite colour reproduction, then there was WARBURGER, the latest from Slovenia's now well-established STRIPBURGER series, a whole bunch of lively Italian minis, and much more...and that's only in the main gallery...
Time to collapse with a Lemsip. More when I revive.
Oh, I know it must be getting quite disgusting,by now,but I just have to thank everyone who helped me attend GRRR! yet again; it was a wonderful,infuriating, frightening,fascinating,uplifting, eye-opening introduction to a whole new world for this ignorant, spoiled, Western recluse! Whew!

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