Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Morbid Musings...

I know I'm just a depressive old biddy, and the pandemic sure hasn't helped, but I feel more and more sure that the Escharton is upon us.  Is there anything, anywhere that isn't in a chaotic, scary state? Those terrible floods on the continent have freaked me out. I mean at least 100 dead, and over 1000 missing, in Germany alone!  Shame on me for always grumbling about the weird weather here in the UK. The other day, there were some nasty sudden floods, but not in my hood, although we had some very heavy showers.
The gruesome heat in a lot of the US and Canada is even more frightening, to me. My sister has been roasting, but she's had nothing like the worst of it, thank gods.
I feel none of the elation a lot of people feel about the Covid situation, either. We're already seeing a huge surge in cases, hospitalisation and deaths, sine the lockdown started relaxing. AND, of course, nobody really knows what's next. Gratefully, we have vaccines at present that control things, but it's gonna keep mutating,etc. etc., the NHS is in a bad way, and our idiotic, greedy government just doesn't give a toss.
Then, of course, everyone's going nuts in South Africa, Afghanistan, and just about anywhere you can think of.
Whew, just venting, 'cos I don't know what else to do, and I'm too hot to do anything, anyway.
Had the boring tablet-use class online, again. I'm learning nothing at this point. Largely because I pay so little attention, and lack the verbal ability to ask intelligent questions. I wish I could talk proper. I've never had any conversational skill, and it just gets worse, as I get older and more solitary. Shite.
Oh well, there's a final season of BAPTISTE onTV, soon, with Fiona Shaw taking part, so that should divert me, plus BECK, the conclusion of the FARGO season, the Hemingway biography, etc. on TV, with the worst of the sport orgy over, for now.

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