Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Alas, Poor England...

Really weak and lazy again. Got my 'flailing' done, at least, but really just want to sleep for a week or so.
I've been watching the three-par
t expose, on Ghislaine Maxwell on Sky Documentaries/ Now . Totally fascinating, of course. Oddly just looking at Epstein, I still cannot see any sign of his pervy nastiness. A bit smug-looking, but actually a rather pleasant face. Just goes to show ya...If they keep Ghislaine alive long enough to go to trial in November, it seems that all sorts of amazing scandal is gonna hit the fan. Yum.
Looks like Italy won on penalties. Shame for the England fans, after all the frenzy. R Next Door came in saying how terrible it was, what with all the drunks gibbering and carrying on, on the Common, before the game even started. She reckoned whoever won, there would be violence. Well, I hope not. There are fireworks going off, for some reason, and the odd shriek, but that seems to be it.

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