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Flown, Flu...

Like virtually everyone else who was in the Belgrade area over the past few weird-weather days, am languishing with a stinking, achy, feverish cold, sneezing myself into nosebleeds, etc. Yetch!
I have really had the most astonishing adventure. People were consistently so nice to me that I was just mortified! I mean, they will not let you pay for ANYTHING, for starters... It makes me crazy, but I think you just have to try and go along with it. I can't even begin to go into it, now.
The trip home was ultra-hellish, as I was really unwell, got crammed into a window seat,despite my requests, and had all sorts of hassle about my incredibly heavy case, bulging with free comix, mind-blowing colour albums, posters, etc. ..Thanks once again to Milos, the stalwart driver who was roped into ferrying me around several times, for making it a LOT less gruesome than it might have been...I was threatened with a bill for 50 Euros for the extra weight, but don't know yet if the guy was just torturing me for fun.
There were lots of delays and strange things happening, possibly due the Concorde finale ( I saw it!)
At Heathrow, I was horrified to find that the case was MISSING! A not uncommon problem, I know, but it never happened to me before...So, home I went, having nervous breakdowns about all the irreplaceable stuff, including my sketchbook, notes and some ultra-rare Serb wartime comics Sasha gave me to deliver!!!
Yet- it all turned to a blessing in disguise. They rang this morning to say it had arrived, and delivered it staight to my door, when I'd been seriously afraid I might have a heart attack tying to get the thing up and down tube stairs, bus entrances, etc. (I didn't even have enough money for a taxi from Vauxhall, if I'd made it that far wthout a detour to Casualty-)
So, there you go! More, much more, when I feel a little better-

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