Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Soggy Sunday...

Another gruesomely muggy morning. I think it rained for a while during the night, but it hasn't cleared the air much. Phooey.
Glad to see a new series of BECK on BBC4. Hey, and his annoying but well-meaning neighbour  turns out to be some kind of hypno-healer!
It certainly looks like everyone who hasn't already abandoned covid precautions will be doing so on the 19th. Maybe it's just my fretful old-ladyism, but I think it's rather worrying. Personally, much as I abhor the mask, I'm going to carry on using one on public transport, and busy shops, etc.  Keeping social distance, of course, has been pretty well impossible for ages.
Still no sign of The Coffee Lovers Cafe re-opening, which makes me melancholy. There's really nowhere else in the area that's peaceful and quirky/comfy  enough for my METRO-reading and dream recording activities. It was also a good setting for people-watching on Wandsworth Road, without actually having to get too close to 'them'.
Really suffering today with the SNEEZING, coughing and itching. What are those tiny white bits of fluff that float around, this time of year? They really set me off. Snuffle.



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