Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Wet And Whingey...

Arrgh, all humid, and drizzly . Skipped exercise and went to the shops. There's another big diversion, for 'ten weeks', after Clapham Junction./St John's Bridge. Great... In the last hour or so, there was a huge 'fireball' or something, down by Elephant & Castle; great clouds of black smoke, etc. I think it's under control now, though.
Dentist appointment tomorrow afternoon, which has got me all aquiver. I'm glad, on the one hand, to be getting started after all this waiting, but there's going to be mucho pain, swelling etc.etc, I imagine...and it will cost.
Have started watching KATLA, a curious series about a volcanic eruption that's been going on for a year, in Iceland. Several people who vanished at the beginning of it, reappear naked, befuddled and coated with ash. What happened? S'not bad.



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