Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Naughty Nookie in Westminster...

Well, Matt Hancock finally had enough sense to resign. Of course, his replacement will probably be even worse. Wotta joik, though... People who were forbidden access to loved ones must be especially furious.
My knees have been giving me terrible gyp. I really can't walk properly any more. Bum.
It was bloody hot in the park this morning.  Watched the weary crow parents on feeding duty, stuffing things down the squawking gobs of their twins. They're starting to look really pissed off, now, and will probably start ignoring the pleas in a week or so... I was on the rowing machine, which creaks horribly, and one of the adults got really close, and started twisting its head around, curiously. Sat there for some time, studying me. I wonder if it thought I was 'talking' to it?
Watched the 1980 NJINSKY , a long, oversimplified, uninspired biopic. It was really good to look at, though, especially the excerpts from  the original ballets, complete with Bakst costumes, etc. Stunning. I've got halfway through the Coppola DRACULA, as well. I'd only seen it once, when it came out, and thought it might be time for a re-watch. So far, what it lacks in scariness, it makes up in lavish looks and engagingly high camp performances. Gary Oldman is pretty decent as the Count, but why did he have that crazy coiffure in Victorian England?


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