Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Nothing New...

Weather isn't too bad, thank gods. It gets 'orribly hot when the sun stays out for too long, but it's still a bit chilly at night.
R Next Door was in the park, and took a photo of me with the dawgs.

The latest regular downstairs is a topless bloke who practises the trumpet.You can just about see him on the bench, behind me. He's not bad, actually. Certainly beats Masturbation Boy for entertainment. (Come to think of it, the latter hasn't been seen recently. Maybe he finally got sectioned.)

MARE OF EASTTOWN didn't sound that interesting, despite good reviews, but I quite liked it, and ended up semi-bingeing. Good, solid, murder story, with interesting characters.
Just watched STARDUST, with David Essex. I remember liking THAT'LL BE THE DAY, back in the olden times, but not caring much for this rather glum sequel. Seeing it again, though, I found it quite passable.
Saw bulders clearing stuff out of the old Artesian Well down the road, which has been closed for about ten years.I'd really hate to see that brilliant place turned into flats, or some franchise place, but I suppose it's inevitable.

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