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Singer Of The World, Etc...

It's past noon, and I'm still trying to force myself to go to the park. Last night was weird; after all the exhausting heat and humidity, it was chilly and blustery last night, so that I was huddled under the heavy throw to watch the finals of CARDIFF SINGER OF THE WORLD. All the contestants were so skilled and gifted, it was pretty impossible. You could only choose by your personal tastes, really. I tend to prefer male voices, especially the bass clef boys, and my two favourites were Denmark's Nicolai Elsberg, who was rather cute, actually, but probably a bit young, as a bass, to win it, and from the USA, the jolly giant Reginald Smith, Jr. I can see him having a good career in Wagner. Neither of them made the final. The only ones the the competition I didn't care for were the very twee Welsh sop, and the Austrian entry, whose teeth annoyed me! You couldn't actually fault their singing, of course.. The winning Korean baritone, was of course eriffic, but I preferred the Malaysian bloke, Michael Arivony, who had such huge soul, and sincerity.
Interestingly, Moon displayed a strong reaction to the splendid soprano from South Africa. Every time she appeared, Moon sat up and watched the screen intently!
The eventual baritone winner, from South Korea, was, of course, superb.
Watched another old ,old, insane film on YouTube, FEAR IN THE NIGHT, a low-budget mystery starring a very young DeForest ('Bones') Kelley. It was totally ludicrous, but very entertaining, with some nice dream sequence stuff.


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