Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

The Living Is Queasy...

It will probably hit 30 this afternoon, dammit.  I got to the park early enough to work out  while there was still a bit of a breeze, then went to LIDL for my bits & pieces. Personal distancing really ended months ago,in practise, and now, with the buses getting more crowded, people just sit themselves down next to you, sometimes maskless. I don't have the guts to say anything, of course; some of 'em look like they'd stab you soon as look at you.
An announcement postponing 'Freedom Day' is expected, shorty, and everyone will no doubt be even more grumpy. At least Bojo seems to be taking the sensible course, if late, as usual. I just fear that people will carry on abandoning all the cautions whenever they feel like it.
Later: Yeah, it was  stickily unbearable, and right now, it's so totally humid, I feel sick. I noticed a lot of people acting strange and scary when I was around Clapham Junction, this morning. I don't know if I'm getting crazier, or people in general are going peculiar.
This evening Wandsworth Road was shut down after some sort of chase and serious accident. Nobody seems to know exactly what happened, though. I didn't even hear the air ambulance, so must be getting even deafer.
I watched another old horror on YouTube, THE ASPHYX . It wasn't much cop, but could have been quite interesting is better handled. I couldn't understand much of the dialogue, and there were no subtitles, but I got the basics. Unfortunately, it was pretty slow, and the 'spirit of death' itself, was a really comical muppet-thing.

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