Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Heatwave On The Way...

Blah, last night wasn't too good for peaceful sleeping. Looks like it's almost time to drag the fans out.
Luckily, it was overcast again, this morning, with a slight breeze, so I got my 'flailing' done, while admiring the debut  antics of two crow fledglings. (Ahhh-)
When that sun burns through, though, it's bloody torment.
Pretty spectacular start to the damn whole month of bloody football...'Nessun Dorma' with full spurting fireworks fountains, a trapeze dancer, and giant balloons...Another of my reasons for hating summer is all the sport on TV every night. Still, can't begrudge it to the enthusiasts, who have been 'deprived' for over a year...I escaped by watching COMMUNION, which I saw when it first came out about 30 years ago, and wasn't overly impressed by. It's still not so hot. The aliens look really silly. Christopher Walken is always watchable, though, and throws in a few dance moves.
It feels like things are all too horribly 'back to normal'. The traffic is noxious, the filthy buses are getting really crowded, and today, there were three maskless morons far too close to me for comfort. Feck. I'd better stock up on toilet paper and pasta. At this rate, we'll be having another lockdown quite soon. I saw a scary item online saying that twelve double-vaxxed people have already died from the Indian/Delta variant. Don't know if it's true, though, it was a Fox News type thing. Still, if people carry on like this, who knows what will befall us next?


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