Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Not Quite Gaga Yet...

Ho hum, we've got yucky humidity today, but there's light cloud cover, so it isn't that unbearable.Watched a decent 1940's noir, I WAKE UP SCREAMING, on YouTube. Nice crisp print, so one could really groove on those shadows. The story was entertainingly crazy, with men in hats frequently strolling into each other's bedrooms in the dead of night, to be tough and threatening. Guess it's true that people didn't lock their doors in those days.
Saw two parakeets today, and heard their twittering. Guess we've go a nest. There were a lot of them one year, but it was rumoured the council wanted to cull them...
No sign of  any crow fledglings yet, although Mum and Dad  are busy going back and forth with food.
Went to the GP today to be tested for dementia, as I've been really worried about how forgetful and dithery I'm getting. I only got one incorrect, though, so that's eased my mind a little bit.
It's going to be a hot, humid week, dammit.

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