Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Wettest May Ever...

Miserable day. Finally gave up on working out in the park, as it rained every fecking time I tried.
At ASDA, I discovered to my grief, that BabyBel Minis are back up to £2.85 for a 12-sack. Crazy markup!
It feels properly wintry, now, after being bloody HOT earlier. Meh.
I think I've seen bits of HALLOW, but, until last night, not the full film. It's quite a decent effort. I do like the ol' folk horror.
In other streaming news, I watched THE QUIET ONES, with Jared Harris as a manipulative academic trying to disprove the supernatural. It was OK-just.
No sign of Coffee Lovers re-opening.

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