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Annoying Shit & Paranoia...

I got a note through the door from the Post Office, saying that I had to collect something from the depot that had £1.20 postage due. I thought it might be some more artwork for GRRR, so I schlepped down, with my passport and bank statement (you have to supply ID and proof of address, or the sod who works there takes great pleasure in denying you your stuff...) It turned out to be a mail shot from some gallery in Hoxton featuring an exhibit inspired by the Lone Ranger; never heard of any of the artists involved...The actual due post was 20p, the pound was for 'handling charges'! Scumbag bastards...Is this some kind of Work To Rule stunt? I didn't give the baddie behind the counter the satisfaction of objecting. I was sure he was just willing me to, so he could squelch me with some red tapey spiel. Yah! I hate that bloke...
People have been hacking and sneezing all over me all week (It is deliberate; I know their game, mumble...)and I can feel the cold coming on just in time to make my eardrums explode on the plane...
God, I can't believe it. I still cannot believe it! I really wanted to go, but after all the futile grant-grubbing and totaly resigning myself to the 'fact' that I could not go, no be so suddenly on my way has totally frelled my feeble geriatric mind. Oh wow, man; heaveee... In a few days I'll be sniffing round those famous flea markets of colossal mittel-Europeaen weirdness, and hobnobbing (or at least being in the same venue-) with players like Dame Darcy. I wonder if this is all to do with my Uranus thing? Hup!

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