Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Close Call For Sib...

STILL ever so slowly picking through giant piles of detritus, looking for stuff to haul to the charity shop. Took a huge bag the other day, and probably have enough crap for about six sacks more. (That's AFTER all I've already cleared out-) Pathetic. So much waste...
I'd been looking forward to cautiously returning to sitting in my fave cafes, scrawling, and  to visiting museums again. I feel less confident, now that the 'Indian variant' is bouncing around. May indulge in a java, if Coffee Lovers is actually open (Doubt it-) but feel no desire to be in a stuffy museum with a lot of other stoopid humans,not for another few weeks, anyway. Weeks ago, like most people, when we first started becoming aware that India was turning into a tragic hell world, I expected Bojo to put it in the 'red zone'. immediately. Well, of course he didn't. How can this goverment keep making the same blindingly obvious, potentially lethal mistakes over and OVER, when even silly sausages like me can see what's coming?
Just got an email from the sibling who has been in a scary car crash, driving home all nervy after some medical checks. She ran into a tow truck at a crossroads and totalled the car, but miraculously, there were no serious injuries. Now she has to go to court for failing to yield the right of way. She maintains she never saw the other vehicle, although she looked twice. Jesus, Mary and Joseph. That's made me go all wibbly....Good night.

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