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...Got the photocopies done. and got Renate's soya milk supply in for my absence.Took DOG SOLDIERS out from the video shop. Quite entertaining,I thought, very pacey, good sense of claustrophobia,rather funny, and sometimes semi-scary. Took my mind off my dental problems, being shot out of a cannon, etc. etc.

Much more frightening was WIFE SWAP last night. I'm really geting more and more villainously inclined to some form of eugenics, I'm afraid. There was this couple just like The Bacons out of VIZ, and they had EIGHT screaming, snotty hellspawn. They swapped with a middleclass couple with two demure moppets, who always ate organic, with nerdy, speccy Dad ('no bollocks') doing all the cooking, etc. It lasted three days. Bloodcurdling.

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