Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,


Read today that Ben Kingsley's blood-chilling performance in SEXY BEAST  was based on his gran. I've always considered it his best work, and found it disturbingly like my own mother. I guess that's a level of toxicity that you can't just invent. Ditto 'Livia Soprano'. I'm sure the inspiration for her was someone's  real experience.
Still struggling to stand on one foot for more that a wobbly second or two. Christ, that's pitiful.
Somebody in the UK won the 120 million Euromillions prize on Friday. It wasn't me, and I've been praying to St Expidite every damn day for ages.
I TOLD him I'd use most of it to do good deeds... He should take a leaf from St Anthony's book. (He seldom disappoints.)
I got several itchy bites in the park this morning. Hope I'm not bringing in fleas or something.
Still more crowds hassling with cops in several 'Kill the Bill' demos. Once again, I'm on the protestor's side, but I honestly don't think it's clever to be marching around in thousands, all up close and often maskless. Just give it a month or so. Most younger people haven't even had their first shot of vax yet.
Oh well, a happy Easter/Oestra/Passover/ whatever Spring festival you celebrate, to all. May it bring the promised hope and happiness.


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