Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

'Snow Moon'

Watched that Lucy Worsley documentary about the Blitz. It was pretty strong stuff, largely composed of dramatisiations of the writings of people who lived through it. I wonder how anyone kept their sanity, with  the gruesome death all around,wondering every night if you/your loved ones were next. One poor woman had to deal with the remains of an infant that was blasted through a window, to splatter on the pavement several stories below. Those people were tough. It's draining enough, coping with the woeful weirdness of the pandemic, but we know nothing, really.
Couldn't find anything on the box that I particularly fancied, last night, and I was too tired to really concentrate on anything, so decided to re-watch JOKER, as I'd first seen it at the cinema, without subtitles. I still think it's a masterpiece of gloom, and Joaquin Phoenix is one of the best mainstream actors around.
On the brighter side, I'm looking forward to GRAYSON PERRY'S ART CLUB returning tonight. I really loved the first series.
There's a smashing full moon, too Gorgeous.

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