Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Hard Work, Working Out...

After  the discouraging experience of another online physio session, seeing people about 90 doing the star jumps, etc. I find impossible, I didn't think I could revive myself enough to do my park workout later, but heroically, I did.
I was rewarded by one of 'my' crows doing a weird sort of vocalise at the top of a tree. It was like that gurgle they occasionally do, but much more melodious. Wonder if it was some sort of mating call? The critters, inflamed by the absurd sudden and too-early Spring weather have been frisking about, chasing each other all over the place.
The new crown seems a bit iffy, now, I can't bite on it, as it feels slightly sore. Boy, nothing ever seems to go quite right. Fap!

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