Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,


Ohhh, Gawd, I'm weary.Two hours on the bus to London Bridge, and that's in fairly light lockdown traffic. Once there, I didn't have long to wait, though. The nurse who was hooking me up  to the Zoledronic Acid infusion machine kept mumbling stuff I couldn't understand at all, except, of course, for the usual  'O God...!' while poking my tiny veins. When that was done, she took my BP, and kept muttering scary stuff about 'low oxygen levels'. I was , again, unable to decipher her masked, highly accented observations. I can't face asking them to repeat more than twice. It was quite unnerving, though. Anyway, I got infused, and was set loose in half an hour. The trip home was just over an hour. I've often noticed that wherever you go, you seem to get home much quicker than the outgoing journey takes. Odd.
It's absurdly warm, now, after the freezing weather of a week or so ago.
Finished re-watching REDS, which I saw years ago, and quite liked. It's too long, but holds up pretty well, I think.
They warned that I might be tired and achy for a couple of days. I don't recall having any problem the last time, but Jeez, I'm knackered now. Night Night...

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