Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

The Whole Tooth...

Thank the gods I got my front crown at last, and look relatively 'normal', except that it's all white and nice, compared to the dingy beige one next to it. Certainly an improvement, though, and it feels quite comfy. Just hope it stays put. My teeth are so horrible, it's hard to believe I grew up in the US. I think our dentist was a 'friend of the family' and gave my parents mates' rates, but never actually did everything. All the other kids at school had braces, and were always going to 'the orthodontist' etc. Oh well, my sister's teeth are even mankier.
I thought crows were supposed to be dead keen on boiled eggs, so I gave one to my trio, and they just looked at it, and me, with cool corvid scorn. The
pigeons were keen, though.

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