Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Busy Doin' Nothing...

Felt so feeble this morning, I couldn't exercise. I did manage to do it in the afternoon, though. The weather was decent; coolish and breezy but quite comfortable. Every little thing is such an effort. *Sigh*
 Saw the final (tragic, of course-) episode of IT'S A SIN. It was actually very good, but I never did find the characters that relatable, especially supersaint Julia (although she's based on a real person.) Don't think I'd fancy herhovering at my deathbed...
The extra Ipad session was, as expected, very boring, especially at eleven AM; all about using comparison sites to save money. I should, I know, but it's just too difficult, and I'd be bound to end up cheated anyway. I've no sense at all, when it comes to finances, which I suppose is how I've ended up like this.
Half-watched several dopey channel 5 Royal documentaries, while enjoying THE FREDDIE STORIES, which arrived this morning.


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