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Not windy, so I thought I'd try to exercise in the park. I gave some nuts to the crows and squirrels, but only lasted about 15 minutes on the equipment.
Still just too cold, man. To my grossed-out astonishment, on the way out, who should I see splayed on a bench but Masturbation Boy!  I am NOT making this up!  The lunacy is strong in this one...
Anyway, it's supposed to warm up during the week.
Watched the film of THE LITTLE STRANGER, which was slow, but decently spooky and baffling.
Also watched part of an atrocious 90's? film of ANNA KARENINA  with an annoying Sophie Marceau in the title role, a  dishy young Sean Bean as Vronsky, and Edward Fox as the hubby. I never did care for Anna, or the similar Madame Bovary; irritating, needy, spoilt women. Of course, it must have been hell to live like that, in a gilded cage with a dull husband, no life of your own, etc. Still, I find these gurls unlikeable...
I've got those fecking tiny ants again. There's just no getting rid of them, whatever I do. They're so small they're almost invisible, but then you'll see one strolling across a boiled egg, and feel like boaking. Those also-tiny flying things that seem to come when the central heating is on, are back, too. I might as well just keep battling them as best I can until the restictions are lifted. I doubt if the council exterminators will come at the moment.


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