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Thank the gods my appoinment wasn't cancelled, AND I didn't have to pay for the bus, for riding out of OAP hours. My lymph nodes seem to be behaving, too. So that's done, until next time.
I treated myself to a pack of those Bambino Colouring Crayons. They're cheap, and have a very nice texture, nice and smooth on the paper, with good strong colours; much better than Crayola. They mix them with clay, it seems.
Yesterday wasn't all that cold, but it seems to be getting windy and bitey again. Ow!
I've seen quite a bit of stuff this week on telly:
Started to watch season three of AMERICAN GODS, which isn't great, so far, but I may get back into it.
I paid to rent SAINT MAUD, but there were no subtitles, and it was difficult to follow the dialogue. I think it was good.
motodraconis had turned me on to THE WITCH OF KINGS CROSS, and I really enjoyed it. Rosaleen Norton  was a painter whose  spooky style was not unlike  Austin Osman Spare's, and she was always being hassled back in the day, for her 'obscene ' exhibitions and lifestyle.
MANK on Netflix was  very interesting, as well, with a good performance from Gary Oldman as the brilliant, self-destructive screenwriter/reporter Herman J Mankiewicz, who worked on CITIZEN KANE, .. I do enjoy a lurid tale of Old Hollywood. It's shot in gorgous B&W, too.
The HISTORY OF SWEAR WORDS, with Nicolas Cage is actually pretty dull. I certainly didn't learn anything from episode one.

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