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Hot Damn!...

Feeling weak and feeble again. I had to do the bone strength exercise class at 9 AM,and felt low afterwards. Most of the people look at least my age, and are better than I am at doing the stuff.
Then, I had to go to Guy's hospital for the bone-building 'infusion'. It took over an hour and a half on the buses, and I just made it in time...BUT...they very apologetically told me that it had been postponed. Didn't I get a letter? No I did not. They did some blood tests anyway, to get those out of the way beforehand. I told them they should probabably use my hand, since they always have trouble getting it from my arms. No, they had to dig around first. Then they said it would be 'slow.' Then they said  'Ohh, your vein iz collaps! Very thin, very delicate.'  Only then did they finally use my hand, by which time I felt quite fainty.  THEN, home I went on the rather crowded, Covidy buses. Fuck my old boot!
I was supposed to have to go to Kings' College tomorrow, for two appointments. One was cancelled, and I've been trying for days to ring them to see if the other one was still on. Couldn't get through, so now I'll have to get up before seven, probably have to pay the bus fare, as it will be 'rush hour' when passes don't count...probably only to find it's been cancelled too. No use complaining (Does that ever stop me?) as that's just the way it is, now, and I feel really sorry for the hospital staff. They're as frustrated as we are. ..Feeling quite shattered and frazzled now, and  I need to eat cheese puffs.


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