Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Looney Tunes, Magnificent Melodies...

Pretty raw this morning, but I think the wind is calming down a wee bit, now.  I took a boiled egg out for the crows, as they're supposed to love them, but they were all in hiding, sensibly enough. 
I spoke to a local the other day, who was seriously considering not having the vaccine, because they thought that there might be a microscopic chip in it that would pick up your every word and deed! Apart from anything else, why would the evil powers that be even want to monitor the activities of the old farts of Lambeth?
Jesus, Mary and Joseph!
The Metropolitain Opera is really cool to keep streaming those free nightly broadcasts. Last night, and until this evening, they have DAS RHEINGOLD...a spiffing production I haven't seen before, with very impressive (and to my height-phobic eyes, rather sickening at times-) gravity-defying effects. The cast, of course, was top rank, with Dwayne Croft looking rather handsome as Donner. Cheekbones!

It didn't feel all that cold, as I said, while I was out, but it now feels bloody freezing in here. I may have to switch on the heat...
Got notice that one of my hospital appointments is postponed. Fine by me, but alas, it's not the London Bridge one. Bum.

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