Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Trump Takeover!

Eek, it's cold in here today... I had a huge epic dream about how Trump and some sidekicks had taken over London and were trearing it apart. They'd formed a big cult, and everyone had to take pills they distributed, presumably to keep us docile, although a lot of people, including me, were protesting. I found myself right in front of the babbling Trump, and I picked up a big block of (very light!) concrete from the building they were doing all over the place,and smashed it over his head. He denounced me as a 'nasty woman' but let me escape, while promising that he would soon have me 'taken care of.'

It was all hugely complicated and quite tense, actually. In another episode EastEnders Phil and Sharon were in my flat, and people had be assigned which religions they had to practise. I hadn't been given one, yet, but Sharon had to be an orthodox Jew. For some reason, I got the devil in me, and spitefully teased her that she'd probably have to wear a wig all the time, go to mikvahs every month, etc. She was freaking out. ( I was hoping to escape before I had to do the same, or worse.)
Watched a Netflix series about the possibility of life after death. I really hope there is one, silly as it may be.
Still grooving on Lynda Barry; wouldn't mind  having one of those expensive Marlys hoodies. I love it when she draws those bendy dancing arms...
Enjoyed the ultimate episodes of SPIRAL. I guess it was time for it to end, but I'll miss it, and those characters. I was already missing Judge Roban. Soppy fool that I am, I was pleased by the way it ended...


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