Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

The Usual Boredom...

Bright, beautiful winter day. Too many people about, although it's understandable.
Last night's dream: I thought I woke up to hear a man on the radio talking about the obnoxious Perez Hilton in rather sombre tones, and going on about his career at some length, which led me to conclude he must have died. I thought  'Shit, what happened to him? He's very young...'When I didn't hear anything about it when I really woke up, I actually checked online to see if he'd croaked. Perez hilton lives, should anyone actually be interested.

I should have gone to the launderette, but couldn't be arsed, so now I have to do it tomorrow.
I may brave also brave LIDL, to see if any of the vegan special stuff is left, too.
Watched SHUT-INS: BRTAIN'S FATTEST PEOPLE, of course. I'm incorrigible.
Saw the first ep of IT'S A SIN. OK, but at this point, it doesn't really look like 'a masterpiece'. Early days...

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