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In eleven days I'll be off to Serbia. I identify so strongly with that pig in the cannon on CREATURE COMFORTS...
BTW, there's a possibility I might get to meet Lydia Lunch while I'm there. Cor-
I seem to be developing some sort of gum boil or something. It hurtz. Pu-leeeeze not an abscess...Mental agitata really does affect you physically, dunnit?
Dreams included Dr.Who (Tom Baker) investigating a huge puddle of blood that covers a whole section of a road in Hadley Wood, and a giant (like Godzilla-sized-) cowboy (I've seen him before-) dancing euphorically on the water,with dolphins leaping, etc., while Brunnhilde on the shore continues immolatin'. Must try to draw it up in time for GRRR...

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