Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Inertia Reigns...

It's hard to believe anyone can get this mindless. I didn't exercise outdoors, due to inclement weather, and spent most of the day pissing about online 'researching' mad stuff, and  in front of the Fool's Lantern, gaping at rubbish films, 'cos I couldn't find anything I actually wanted to do at the moment. The best one was THE NINTH LIFE OF LOUIS DRAX, a vaguely woowoo tale of a little boy in a coma revealing the cause of  a mysterious death, and his own fall from a cliff. 'Jesse' out of BREAKING BAD was in it,and it was a fairly decent watch.
Then, there was - er- BRIDGET JONES' BABY, a feeble romcom I watched because I was incapable of doing anything else, and the original 'Bridget' film was mildly amusing. (You never know, sometimes when you watch something thinking 'Oh Nooo...', like PADDINGTON, which I was forced to watch on a plane, it turns out to be brilliant. This was not one of those films.)
I looked at THAT'LL BE THE DAY,as well, which I saw about a hundred years ago. I thought it was pretty good, then, but now, meh.
The Inauguration seems to have gone off peacefully despite all the tension. I knew it would. One of those things like the Millenium Bug, which people got all jittery about, but never happened. Now, heaven grant that  Biden manages to do some good. I'm glad he's got Bernie (who should have been POTUS, IMO) in a decent position.
Must say I was intrigued by Trump's threat to return 'in some form'... One thing that's actually too bad about his ejection is that he was such a gift to cartoonists and impressionists. Biden is so  super-bland. Of course, after what Trump has put the USA, and the world at large, through, that's a good thing, really.


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