Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Crows And Squirrels And Stretches Downstairs...

Pretty vile day, but not quite as damp as it has been, so I managed my workout in the park, which was  very empty, so I  didn't feel too scared. Can't say it was pleasant, but, as usual, I felt some benefit afterwards. There still seems to be an awful lot of traffic on the road. Why?
Also did the  iPad class, which today, was only me, and one other old crock. I don't care much for Zoom, really. Don't like seeing myself. Everyone's old in the class but I look the worst, like my face has melted. Baw! Wah!
Last night I watched THREE SISTERS an old NT production, shown on Talking Pictures.  Jesus, Mary And Joseph, wotta turkey!  It was partly technical, with the sound being so poor I could barely understand it at all. (I'm deaf as anything, of course, and usually use subtitles, but they weren't available for this. It was definitely much more difficult than usual to understand, though.)  It all looked terribly stagey, and the acting was extremely unconvincing, although Laurence Olivier, Joan Plowright, Derek Jacobi, Alan Bates, Ronald Pickup and other stalwarts were involved. I couldn't stick it, after a while, and just fast forwarded. THREE SISTERS is not one of my favourite plays, anyway, and this version was just too tedious. A sad contrast to last week's stonking UNCLE VANYA.
Bored and pissed off, now. Must write my dreams down. I've missed it for several days because Moon attacks me when I'm writing/drawing.

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