Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

So Damn Stir Crazy...

I'm pretty sure it would be safe-ish to exercise in the park, as it's even less crowded than usual, with the cold weather, plus Covid, but still I hesitate. The stuff I'm doing indoors doesn't feel useful, and I certainly don't enjoy it.  The bike isn't bad, but  it's not great, either.
The lift, of course, is still kaput, and I don't fancy gripping the grubby, greasy handrail the get to the floor where there is a working lift.
The dentist seems to be open, and I must go tomorrow, even though I'm frit, as I'm also worried about getting sepsis or something from my infected jaw.
Also I'm out of GRAPES! Yow.
Saw an interesting 'horror' film, COLD SKIN, which was quite unscary, but very well made and intelligent. Definitely worth a look, if you come across it. I do like spooky stuff about people isolated in mysterious, cold places (First series of THE TERROR, THE LIGHTHOUSE, and this one; eerily poetic...)
Last night's unpleasant dream saw me having to work off a debt to 'Phil Mitchell', by being his housekeeper. I had to sleep in the same bed  with him, too. I don't recall any sex, but it was gross enough. I could feel his hairy legs moving against me. (Did Moon, in RL, sneak under the covers?) and hear him snoring and grumbling (the radio, or my own sleep noises?) Eww...


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