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Shut In Saturday...

I never ventured out today, even just to collect my weekend GUARDIAN. I've become terribly timid, since this third wave came along. They say that one in TWENTY is infected now, and it would be just my luck to catch it and peg out, while waiting for the vaccine.
Watched a decent film on Netflix, MA RAINEY'S BLACK BOTTOM, with excellent performances, especially from Viola Davis, and Chadwick Boseman,        doing a really blistering turn as the gifted but self-destructive Levee. It's incredible that he could concentrate so intensely on building a character, when he knew he had only months to live. A sad loss to thespdom.
I was, indeed wrong about the DISCOVERY season being over, and caught up with the actual finale. Again, OK, but not that great. Most of the characters are soppily goody-goody, and the lead, 'Michael', is quite annoying.
Over the holidays I idly gawped at two 'Christmas in Grand Hotels'  programmes, one set in the Savoy, the other in the Plaza; equally jawdropping/nauseating.  I just cannot fathom on why people. even with unlimited money would want to waste it on this grotesque super-luxury. It doesn't look like any kind of fun to me. I rather  feel for one of the guests, a mild-mannered little man who had always brought his old mum to the Savoy for Christmas, and now came  every year in memory of her. He seemed quite sweet-natured and sad.
I FINALLY got around to sorting through a big of mismatched and single socks and gym gloves, to put the OK ones away and stick the rest in the charity shop bag, to be recycled. I felt absurdly pleased with myself.

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