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Killer In Kathmandu...

Ventured out to collect the laundry, and it seemed slightly less  dank and dark, by the time I was walking back. I was able to force myself to do a near-complete park workout,then. Still aching so much, though, especially the ol' knees. Owcha!
After a not-that -gripping start, I got really into THE SERPENT, and binged on it. The irresistible atmosphere and awesome scenery was terrific. My sister actually hit the hippie trail back in the early 70's. She was desperately missing her husband-to-be, who had gone east with the Peace Corps. It's rather romantic, actually. She applied to appear on a small-scale TV quiz, got on it, and won several thousand bucks. She did all the touristing adventures, culminating in a visit with the sweetheart. When he completed his term, they got married. Awwww. It's spooky to think how dangerous those treks could be, though. She was there at about the same time this serial killer was operating, and he wasn't the only one taking advantage of foolishly trusting young westerners. The sibling had scuffles with rapey guys a couple of times, but nothing homicidal, thank gods. and held on to her honour and her money throughout.
She was always telling me about the spiritual epiphanies she'd had, when she later visited London, and that I should go there, but oddly, although I love looking at, and reading about  exotic South Asia, I've never actually thought i'd like to go there, all those PEOPLE, dirt and noise, and insects, and dead bodies lying around, and stuff.
Later: Speaking of bodies lying around, Later yesterday, I spent most of my time gaping in stunned disbelief at the unimaginable antics in my native land.
WTFF!? We're doomed, all right.

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