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My Teeth Hurt...

...And my dental appointment is 12 January, unless they cancel it. I think I've been very ill served by that practise. I've been going there like, 30 years +, and always did my best to maintain my teeth. I wonder if I have to get them all pulled, if I could sue for enough to have implants instead of the dreaded dentures? Quel shitshow. My sister just had another of her teeth drop right out for no reason last week, though. Maybe it's another of our genetic curses.

I trekked up to the High Street for my asthma monitoring appointment in the frickin' freezing cold, and, of course, they didn't do the puffing into the contraption thing, which is the whole point...She just asked how I felt, how often I was using my inhaler, and took my BP for something to do. Then we chatted a bit about the anguish of being masked, Holy Mary, Mother of God. Wotta waste, I should have been indoors 'shielding', anyway.
Popped into Sainsbury's for a few big bags of critter nuts, while I was up there, and that was that. Feck.
The BBC adaptation of BLACK NARCISSUS was as gorgeously exotic as it should have been, and I quite enjoyed it, although, 'Mr Dean' was, IMO, grievously unsexy. (I suppose, though, in that weird and heady environment, you'd lust for anything on two legs...)
Watched the film I, TONYA on Netflix. It was well reviewed, and was actually very good. The actors are amazing, especially Allison Janney as Tonya Harding's monster mum.
I suppose the story was bigger in the US, but there was a big scandal when the figure skater was accused of injuring her rival, with the aid of her  abusive on/off partner and his  simpleton friend. Tonya was immensely skilled as a skater, but was usually shortchanged by judges due to her innate redneck trashiness.  She's quite sympathetic, in a way, and it's a good watch.

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