Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Christmas Eve In The Pest House...

Looks like Covid has finally killed off the Christmas card. I got two in the post this year (thanks guys-) and I've noticed the concierge station has only a very few hanging up. Mind you, it's not a big deal to me, I more or less stopped sending them years ago, myself. Waste o' trees .
I really am getting increasingly paraonoid about infection, though. Evidently 85 out of 1000 in London now have it. That bloke who has it was in the park with his dog again, but at least he was in a corner away from everyone and masked. This woman who is infected has been running around maskless, it seems, and another park person has it. I wonder if it's even safe to exercise down there, now, but I just use the equipment, keep my distance from everyone, and disinfect afterwards. Hope that's enough.
The weather's cold and bright, anyway, which is a bit less morbid.
I even got a present from R Next Door. From the shape, it looks like a chocolate bar, and a sachet of cat food for Moon. Ding Dong, eh?
Hope I can finish cleaning out my desk drawers today, anyhow. Ho ho ho...The crows were really hungry, today...When they land nearby,and make that gurgling noise. I wonder if that's a friendly greeting, or they're saying 'Give us them nuts NOW, stoopid flightless giant thing.'

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