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Is It OK To Be Very Afraid?...

Christ, it was hot in the hospital. Luckily, though, I didn't have that much waiting, and was out in two hours.
The bad news is, I have to go back in six weeks for another check, before I'm discharged, as I have blepharitis, and have to do a lot of lid- bathing and more drop-dripping. Fuck. Still, it doesn't seem to be anything too bad.
I'm continuing to brood about being crazy/demented, especially since I seem to have fucked up the iPad totally, and don't know what to do. I've screwed up trying to enter new email addresses, etc.a lot of stuff has just vanished. I'm just not getting anywhere with it, while all the semi-literate types are getting on fine. Mind you, it isn't just age. I was completely helpless with anything remotely technical, even as a kid.
I'm working up a good head of scared steam with the Covid thing, too. What the devil is going on? BoJo has introduced a 'Tier 4' and cancelled Christmas for the celebrators, which was obviously on the cards, but the extreme rapidity of the variant virus' spread is frightening. Hospitals could be overwhelmed, people are going to get even crazier, etc. etc. I think the spookiest thing is that people have been fed so much bullshit, that nobody really knows how to handle it, and I can imagine a lot of eejits just going ahead and raving it up, anyway, leading to even more spreading.of the virus.
After the hospital, I finished watching the Netflix series, DON'T FUCK WITH CATS, about a group of nerds helping to track  acreepy pretty-boy psycho, who started out killing kittens (Jesus-) and ended up murdering this poor bloke, before he was finally put away. Unwholesome, man...I taint my brain with too much of such stuff, like everyone else. Then watched the last of ST: DISCOVERY 3, which I'm glad is finished. It was getting really boring.



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