Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Ow Again!...

It's only 3-4 miles to London Bridge, but with the two buses, traffic, and now diversions, it takes about 90 minutes. The physio assassment  wasn't too bad, anyway, except that my balance seems worse than ever. I'm joining an online class after Christmas. Oh joy...Well, better than going there, and it may help a bit. I only got lightly drizzled on on my way there, so that was good. Before heading home, I had a quick mooch in Borough Market, which was full of tasty-looking but ludicrously dear food. I induged myself in a £4.00 mocha, which I spashed on my hand. It was so incredibly hot, that I think it's going to blister, damn it. I recall seeing an item about a woman who was scalded by a McDonald's coffee some time ago. I think she sued for thousands and won. That was in the US, of course. It was my own fault, anyway...The coffee wasn't even that good. Mumble.
When I finally got back to Clapham Junction, I headed for LIDL, and did get drenched. It totally tipped down for a while, gutters overflowing and all that.
Got my groceries, anyway...One of LIDL's Christmas gift features is a gadget to trim your nose hair!
The highlight of the day was finding that the lift was working again when I got home.
I didn't remember ever seeing THE NANNY with Bette Davis, and was reasonably entertained. Silly, of course, but well made and acted.
THE VALHALLA MURDERS also came to an action-packed, if somewhat unfeasable conclusion. On the whole, I found it rather slow.

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