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I wonder if  I should exercise outside or not?  I 'm feeling rough all right. I'm coughing all the trime, but it's certainly not 'dry.' and I'm not feverish, but I'm shivering a lot.
Last night's bleak and boring dream featured Nicole Kidman as my shrink. She was very critical of me  because I'm a hypochondriac and of no use to anyone. I was quite envious of her wavy Titian hair. She was a terrible bitch, though. I didn't want her therapy, but I think I was compelled to attend, or I'd be sectioned... (She's playing a shrink, BTW, in  THE UNDOING,)

Later: wasted most of the day, although I did my LIDL round, and stocked up on yet  more of that 'baked apple' skyr I'm so addicted to, from M&S. Then, I headed for the dentist, only to find he was off sick!!! What with the op and everything, I'll have to wait until 7 DEC.NOW. FUCK!!!
...AND IT'S MY OWN FAULT,  'cos I forgot to check my phone messages...

Been watching VALHALLA MURDERS on Saturday. It's OK,very formulaic, though. The sound track is admirably spooky, and I've had a couple of mild jumps, so it's worth sticking with... When does she get into bed with the monosyllabic melancholy Swede?
So, what's going on with Donald Sutherland in THE UNDOING?  He's starting to do his evil look a lot.
Didn't get terribly into LOVERS ROCK, I think because I've never been crazy about that kind of music. Then, I watched the biopc AMUNDSEN, which was more boring still.


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