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ASATRU - Norse paganism. You believe in the Asir,
the Gods. You regard three races of Deities as
living beings who are involved in human life.

What is Your Magick Path?
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Yeah, OK, I can deal with that...One of my earliest fantasies actually concerned my being a Viking princess who was somehow displaced with my crazy, dreary parents. As they both had brown eyes and dark hair, I totally convinced myself, which was a great consolation for ages.
I told this to a shrink once, and she said it was most unusual to have this type of fantasy at such an early age. (about 5-) Apparently most people don't want to discover they're exotic upper-crust orphans until nearly puberty. (Most people don't have my parents!) Later, I was so impressed by Kirk Douglas doing that oar-dancing routine in the fillum,that my Vikinism was totally cemented. I have a lot of time for Odin & co, too. As belief systems go, you could do a lot worse. They might be rough and ready in Asgaard, but they're never dull or prudish.

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