Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Foggy Funk Day...

Well, the US election results are official. The nice old fogey beat the toxic old fogey, thank gods. I thought Biden's acceptance speech was nice and inclusive, with , with an aura of dignified decency, which certainly makes a change. 'The Loser' has retreated, still grumbling and tweeting, to the golf course. Nyaah, nyaah!
I watched a rather long, dullish film  MOTHERLESS BROOKLYN,with John Cusack as a hangdog detective with Tourette's, just to see the location stuff.
I'm also watching THE UNDOING (?) with Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant. which also has nice NY views. The rich protagonists live in the East 60's, near Central Park, a wonderful neighbourhood, where I resided for a while. It was way posh, even then, but still had the odd  (very!) shabby genteel  townnhouse that was serving as a boardinghouse, and I occupied  a room for a while, when I was at uni. There was a scene in the wonderful Frick gallery, too, just around the corner from 'my' place. Byootiful.
It's yucky mild, really, but I feel chilled all the time, and so weary. I've managed to exercise, most days, in a desultory fashion, but there's no damn creativity in me, if there ever was. *Sigh*



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