Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Toilet Tedium...

Well, yesterday didn't turn out THAT badly. It stopped raining, and was windy enough to dry things off so that I could do my exercisin'...I still don't know if the outdoor gym is going to be verboten in Lockdown 2. Hope not. I really think it's silly.  Like if you can touch all the scummy bus and tube railings to get to work, surely you can do similar to try and be healthy.
IT guy was able to get here last night.too, so the PC is working much better than it was.
I also popped into LIDL for 'essential' cheese footballs and Ginger Pepsi Max. No queue, but I did notice that they were low on toilet paper!
Now let's see how the scanner's doing:

I still can't find any of the stuff I actually scanned in in the last month or so, though. Feck.
It's now well after one, and my 'morning' plumber isn't here yet. No answer when I ring. Help Ma Boab.

2:30   Just tried the plumber again, and someone hung up on me...The next time, I was told they had no record of my job number, but 'luckily' they'd had a cancellation, and someone is supposed to be coming now...

Well, somebody came, all right  but he'd never seen a 'disabled' toilet before... I took great care to explain to the council that  I had one.WHY they no listen?
He's gone, now, and says 'the office' will have someone here by eight I still can't go out, as he might come at any time. Fuck my old boot!
 I know, I'm lucky to have a toilet, even though I have to flush it with a bucket, but Jeez...

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