Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Preparing To Hibernate...

got soaked by a heavy sudden shower in the park , and abandoned workout, Maybe later...
Picked up the laundry, went to the post office, walked both ways, and back, as rain had stopped. (Still yucky, though.)
IT guy may be able to pop in tonight. Heh!
Lift still fucked, and someone seems to have deliberately broken a button on the lift that does work, at present. All this is so trivial, but so bloody infuriating. Mumble. The rain saved us from some of the worst firework racket, but as soon as it dries up some more, the yoofs are sure to be at it again.
I feel a bit sorry for Johnny Depp. Somehow I don't think  he did all that abusive stuff to his obnoxious ex. So many people seem to have stood up for him, including ex-partners who insist he's being stitched up.Of course, he is a heavy drinker and drug user. You just never know.
I'm such an eejit I still feel sorry for Jeremy Corbyn! I never thought him a bigot, but gods know, he's a pretty feeble character, who always seems to just let stuff go by.
Later...Went out in the afternoon, to pick up a few bits from LIDL. It started to rain again, and there was a big queue, so I gave it a miss. Then on to Ryman's where I'd seen a 202i diary I liked. Sold Out. Grunt. I ordered it online. Could have saved myself a damp excursion. Felt too weary to walk home, but had to wait half an hour for a bus.  IT guy couldn't make it after all. Maybe tomorrow...

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