Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Driech And Annoying...

Nasty sort of day...It keeps raining on & off. so probably no workout.
Went to ASDA, where they're having a bloody refit, confusing, as usual, and I think they use it as an opportunity to raise the prices, thinking you won't notice, in your befuddlement. It also seems the old-style checkouts have been completely eliminated, and I'd done a 'big shop'; lots of cat food, nuts, dog treats, etc, before I noticed. Trapped into self-service, Yaaah!  It took me about half an hour to check myself out. I can't be dealing with all that fiddling about, if I've more than a few bits. I be vex.

New thriller on ITV ; THE SISTER. Pretty decent so far. I always wonder why Russell Tovey's never had his ears pinned back. I guess he's not as shallow as I am. It detracts a bit from his 'seriousness', though.
I've seen two episodes of the latest David Hare political drama, ROADKILL. I'm not entirely thrilled, but it's OK, and may well get better.
There was an absorbing documentary, FEELS GOOD MAN on BBC4, all about the Pepe the Frog phenomenon, and its highjacking by rightwing nutters, I didn't know anything about this, really,  but it got so bad that the creator had to go to court in the end. He only got a derisory settlement, but good for him.
Watched JUDY over the weekend. Renee Zellweger was quite good. She captured that fixed manic stare nicely.
DISCOVERY, series 3 has started, and I think it's impoved. It was always mildly entertaining, but it seems slightly more 'grown up' this season. Possibly just my mood.
No sign of a plumber, nor any word from the council. I tried phoning for ages, then just sent another email for them to ignore. Oh well, flushing the loo with buckets of water is a bit of extra activity. Grunt.

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