Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

A Not So Bad Thing!

Heh! I got an invitation to take part in a Covid 19 survey. They come to you, and you take the test, and they give you £50.00! There may be several more tests, and for each one you get 25 squid. All right! Gods know every little helps, and you get to monitor your lurgy status as well. Can't be bad...
I'd never watched THE MISSION  straight through, as it was always on late at night, and I'd nod off. I recorded it, and wow, that really is one dull film, Good cast, exotic locations, Nice Ennio Morricone score, and BORING; about three weeks long as well.
LOVECRAFT COUNTRY finished , possibly forever, no new season announced yet. It had a lot going for it in many ways, but it was so frantically over-egged, I just couldn't get into it, as it became more and more complicated. Bah.
I finally got a dentist appointment (November 18!) to get my broken hilbilly front tooth patched up AGAIN. (Third try...) I know nobody looks at me anyway, but I don't like it.
Finally got a NOT TODAY mask cheap online, but it's one of those ear-squashy ones.Damn!
Too manky to exercise in the park, so I've been hitting the exercise bike.

Yesterday was Bela Lugosi's birthday. I always have felt a bit sorry for him. Back in Hungary, he was a respected classical actor and something of a matinee idol!  I guess he made a good living as an often-clownish horror actor, but it must have been pretty frustrating, and he never got the serious acclaim that Boris Karloff garnered. *Sigh* This world will break yer heart.

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