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I'm In Trouble Plenty...

My current account is ovedrawn, my credit card debt is swellng. I'm afeared, etc. Went to Brixton and added to my problems by buying a big ugly suitcase (£25) I had to, as I've nothing but overnight bags, and need to schlep 10 days' worth of clothes, etc. plus artwork, blah, blah...Also had to pay £16 for travel insurance. Such a waste, but, of course, if you don't have it,Something Terrible will happen for sure...
Sat up buzzing with nerves and watching THE KRAYS last night. I'd forgotten what a good, nasty little film that is. Steven Berkhoff as the 'orrible George Cornell delivers what to my knowledge, may be the only convincing performance of his career to date. Intriguing...Tom Bell is equally excellent as the equally revolting Jack the Hat. Great stuff.
Hmmm,the news looks interesting tonight; me watch, now....

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