Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Scampi Spew... (TMI)

I don't know if this is part of the general implosion of my PC, but I'm having great trouble, getting into LJ at the moment, and posting/getting my messages is impossible at times. FB is all weird for me, too.One trival but annoying thing is that I can usually react to a post only with the 'thumbs up', if at all. Bum.
Good news is that cartoonland chum is now back home and continuing to recover after a hair-raising brush with the Reaper...a huge relief to her legion of friends & fans, not to mention her family!
Funny how I seem to have felt more depressed and crazy since the lockdown. I actually enjoyed it most of the time, except when it was really frightening. As an introvert and an old singleton, it really wasn't that much of a change. I was very fortunate, actually, as I live alone. The horror of being shut up with kids, an uncongenial partner, or flatmates you barely know, and don't like much, must be agony. I think somehow, it has made me crazier, though. I've done nothing positive or creative with the extra time indoors, and I just feel washed up.
On the other hand, I honestly think the first lockdown didn't last long enough, and that they should stop faffing around and do the damn 'circuit breaker' everywhere, before the spread gets any worse. Looks like we're going into a stricter period, now, and about time.
I've been longing for fish and chips, so today, I thought I'd lash out on lunch from the new chippie on Lavender Hill that's supposed to be so good. It is, actually. Generous portions and tasty, but I had to barf after only a few mouthfuls. You'd think I'd be slender by now, instead of getting fatter.
I lost my NOW TV remote for two days, which was torture. St Anthony led me to it this morning, praise be.
I did about half a workout in the park this morning, which helps. I'm still avoiding bending much and doing much lifting, though.


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