Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Brickin' It All The Way...

I was posting just as the car arrived to take me to hospital, but I seem to have deleted it...Anyway, I am now minus one cataract. There wasn't much pain, but it wasn't pleasant. Weird aching sensations, fashing lights,  scary noises, etc. and now I'm a bit sore, and very unsteady. The eye is covered  until tomorrow, and I can't see properly at all Thanks for  all the good wishes and reassurances. I'm a wimpy old fool. It's such a relief that it's done, I just pray now for no complications and quick recovery. Whew... Started  to watch the new adaptation of BRAVE NEW WORLD, on SKY/NOW, while shaking and quaking last night; not bad at all, so far. I think I'll take a nice nap, now.
The alarm didn't go off at 4:45, and I slept until 5:30, when I was supposed to be ready for 'pat8ient transport'  Eeek. Luckily they didn't come until after 6:00 Oh, yes, they put you down just outside the 'Mortuary Visiting Room'...

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