Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Tedious Errands, Fierce Haircut...

Managed to work out, rather sloppily. There were so many annoying dog people and their uncouth canines, it really puts me off my stroke. Plus, there were two shouty yoofs kicking a football back and forth, too close for comfort. The park used to be quite peaceful I think a lot  of rowdy locals discovered it during lockdown. Speaking of which, I'm ready for the next one. I wanted to get a haircut before they slice my eyeball on Monday, so to save time, I went to the barber across the road (who also hasn't any sinks!)  instead  of my usual unhygienic venue, and he shaved me to the bone. Jesu, it looks scary.  I also hauled a bag of laundry down the other end of the road. I'll pick it up after my Covid test tomorrow, and then go into isolation. Shit.
Watched the rest of THE THIRD DAY, not great, but it looks very good, and the cast did well.

I only saw a little of the US Presidential debate, and it was as much of a jawdropping shocker as everyone says. That poor man desperately trying to restrain their ravings...Must have been the most outlandish scene since the two senators started duelling with their walking sticks in the midst of  the negotiations about the US Declaration of Independence...Oh, and wasn't somebody shot in Parliament, once? I guess that might have been worse.

It's all happening on EASTENDERS  as usual. Stuart Highway's personality change is now complete. He's being presented as a goofy rough diamond, and has just married fellow reformed character Rainie, who (Heaven help Walford-) is pregnant.  Stuart was a livelong sadistic psycho and drug fiend, who kept vengefully  threatening to rape Linda, and twist Mick's head off, for months. I'm almost sure he killed a guy, as well. Anyone remember that? Anyway, he's fine, now.
Still unsure about the ginger tom who was killed the other day. I do hope 'my' stray is OK, somewhere, and will pop up soon, but this is 2020...

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