Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

'Injun Summer', Plumbers...

When I was a kid, one of the Sunday papers would reprint this corny old 'classic' every autumn. Apparently, they kept it up until the 90s, despite complaints of racism, or at least 'cultural insensitivity', because it was so popular. I must admit, I always rather liked it, and still find the image of the indigenous spirits dancing in the mist and smoke quite appealing. I think of it wistfully every year. My bad, I guess.

The Covid business is on the upswing, again, which is grimly predictable enough. Personally, apart from a few  dismal things, I'd sort of welcome another couple of months' lockdown, and feel it could really help, although the government won't be brave enough to do that...I also wonder if my cataract op will be postponed. I wouldn't protest, although it will be good to get it over with.

I went to LIDL straight after working out, but it was already quite crowded. I hope people aren't going to panic buy again. I also noted grumpily that some Christmas sweets, etc, are on display. Grumble. Scored some reduced Ginger Pepsi Max, though. I know it's Bad, but it's so good...
Alas, my leg has reverted back to full yuck, and is very sore, after all that bandaging and waiting around for nurses, etc. Still haven't had my blood test results, either.
Two plumbers rolled up, at last, and loudly and messily dealt with the burst pipe that I didn't know I had. Please gods, let it be done properly, with no more agita for anyone.

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